ASG-Remote Desktop

Remote Administration in real-time

ASG-Remote Desktop is the indispensable tool for administrative access to remote computers.

The tool features integrated connection protocols, allowing you to manage Windows, Citrix, Linux/UNIX,  and Macintosh systems efficiently – if necessary from any computer via USB stick. ASG-Remote Desktop speeds up daily access to your administration tools and servers via a central console. The ease of use and power of ASG-Remote Desktop has impressed more than 200,000 administrators worldwide, so why not join them now.

A multitude of new functions in ASG-Remote Desktop 2012:

  • Manage your Linux systems easily with enhanced administrative tasks, like a remote server restart and shutdown
  • Save time through editing multiple connection objects at the same time – ideal for bigger server environments
  • Synchronize your server environments and objects like Active Directory or VMWare ESX automatically
  • And much more
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visionapp Remote Desktop makes it easy to manage remote connections to Windows-based systems. Administrators who need to maintain simultaneous connections to multiple systems can create and organize Connection-specific settings and login credentials for quick access and simplified day-to-day use.

  • Flexibility with portable version: Easy remote administration with flash drive from anywhere – without installation
  • Accelerated data access: fast access to remote computers – in real time with the fastest version ever
  • Work continuously with offline mode: Use data and objects, even if the database is not connected
  • Significant time savings: saving settings and credentials can save hours of time, especially when administering multiple remote connections
  • Efficient administration: create structured Remote Desktop Connections and administer them easily
  • Easy Collaboration: In database mode,  multiple administrators work simultaneously with the same objects without conflicts
  • Transparent reporting: Strengthen compliance through the logging of errors, changes and access attempts
  • Extended security features: Network Level Authentication, Microsoft Terminal Services Gateway


visionapp remote desktop screenshots

Integrated News and Updates

With the external news and updates webpage users will find more news regarding visionapp Remote Desktop: information for technical support, helpful documents, useful web links, and several How To's.

Access to external applications

visionapp Remote Desktop easily integrates external applications such as management tools or snap-ins for administrative tasks. Directly access to all required tools and tabs from the vRD console saves time, facilitates system administrators' daily work, and allows flexible administration.


visionapp Remote Desktop provides several display options like live-thumbnails, full screen display, and moveable tabs. Arrange the connection windows individually in the work area to provide an overview of all systems.

Please use our Remote Desktop Support Forum to forward your request directly to us. Here you will get immediate and comprehensive response.

"I use visionapp Remote Desktop every single day, it has become a staple point of my desktop support routine. A good 80% of my time is saved not having to visit computers directly or look them up manually. There is a fine line between simplicity and functionality. visionapp has found the perfect blend in between."

"On top of everything, your support has been absolutely outstanding! To be able to speak directly with the developers through your web forum, and receive an introspective response is quite refreshing in this field. Furthermore you actually listen to your users. Feature requests I made actually ended up in the product!"

Tim Mendenhall
SeamonWhiteside + Associates

"For IT service providers remote maintenance plays a crucial role. vRD simplifies the work and saves a lot of time.
The addition of various protocols in the new 2009 version adds a great deal of value. I could not imagine my daily work without vRD."

Andreas Schulze-Hädrich
ASH NetConsult GmbH

"Since we have started to use vRD, our work has been a lot less tiring and stressful."

Tobias Wöll

"vRD 2010 allows me to logically group my Remote Desktop server connections any way I want. vRD handles every area in the most convenient way and vRD simplifies my work tremendously. Thank you VisionApp for a great product. Well done!"

Paul Els

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

"I have been using visionapp Remote Desktop for about 30 minutes and am hooked on it.
What a GREAT piece of software: simple, elegant and extremely functional."

Ron Collette
Clarient Inc.

"I love visionapp Remote Desktop and think it's definitely worth the purchase price. Great job, keep up the good work."

Richard Hamaura
Netcetera Consulting