Enterprise Private and Hybrid Clouds

IT is challenged to be better, faster, cheaper while still very secure – as away of being, which calls for transformation.

Public Clouds for Service Provider

Create your own Public Cloud offering for your customers and partners. Increase your value, add customer loyalty, and profit with Cloud Computing.

Managed Clouds for SI

Efficiently build, operate, and manage cloud environments for your customers - on and off-premise.

ASG-Remote Desktop 2012

Remote administration in real time: Experience efficient remote management for your Windows, Linux, and Mac systems and sync Active Directory or VMware ESX automatically.


End-to-End Cloud Orchestration with ASG CloudFactory

ASG CloudFactory is the first comprehensive Cloud orchestration suite to build, provision and manage private, public and hybrid clouds.

We plan, deploy, control and optimize your IT environment to maximize existing technologies and investments.

ASG CloudFactory