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There are, of course, many pathways to the cloud. But the ASG CloudFactory is the fastest and most affordable way. CloudFactory is an integrated solution that offers your enterprise more flexibility and independence! Cloud computing must function equally well with existing technologies and with new concepts. Without being dependent on the vendor or the architecture. This is precisely what the ASG CloudFactory does!

Building, provisioning and managing clouds

The ASG CloudFactory is the first comprehensive solution for quickly building and efficiently provisioning a private, public or hybrid cloud. You can build and use the cloud infrastructure yourself, or you can delegate operations to an external service provider.

Integrated solution for business and technology

The ASG CloudFactory includes the three central elements needed for cloud operations:

  • Backend: Designing, building and managing all the components required for your cloud server infrastructure
  • Control: Automated, workflow-based provisioning of applications and services in complex cloud environments – with revision guarantee
  • Frontend: Access to applications and services in a standardized user interface with dedicated and secure availability from every device

Core modules

CloudCockpit – the frontend

This modern IT workplace meets the latest demands for usability and offers easy
access to applications and services. Enterprise data is available to users regardless
of department or geographical location – with maximum security.

CloudRobot - the control

This module supports automated, workflow-based provisioning of applications and services in complex cloud environments – with revision guarantee.

CloudShaper - the backend

The solution for designing, building and managing complex cloud server infrastructures for provisioning private, public or hybrid clouds – fast, flexible and scalable.

Add-on modules


Support for integrating and managing public cloud services. Management of hybrid
clouds with a consistent management console and aggregation of services in the


Aggregators provide the logic for automation, management and provisioning of public cloud services and support the integration of public cloud offerings.


Enhances the private cloud with enterprise business software from our partners. Integration is based on the process documented in the CloudGuidebook.



Experienced visionapp specialists help you take care of implementation, support and operations of your cloud platform – you benefit from consulting based on ten years of centralization and automation know-how.


Proven architecture recommendations and installation instructions for cloud environments based on the visionapp CloudFactory. Support is provided for the integration of established technologies from vendors such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.