visionapp CloudShaper models, sets up and manages all components required for cloud infrastructures.

visionapp CloudShaper is part of visionapp CloudFactory – software designed to help you set up, provision and manage private, public and hybrid cloud structures easily and quickly either in your own data centre or via an external service provider. At the back end, visionapp CloudShaper helps you to plan, set up and manage complex cloud infrastructures – fast, flexible and scalable.


  • Complete modelling and centralized management of modern cloud environments
  • Automated, flexible provisioning of servers, operating systems and applications on the basis of proven technologies
  • Maximum level of automation thanks to tried-and-tested parameter and package templates for platform and computer roles
  • ITIL-compliant release management, including rollback to previous statuses
  • Audit-compliant logging of the cloud environment, including patch management
  • Fast recovery in the event of trouble

Flexible cloud management

visionapp CloudShaper rapidly optimizes and automates your cloud infrastructure from end to end. With its role-based modelling, it delivers maximum flexibility and scalability, including for:

  • Clients and servers
  • Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and provisioning of server environments
  • Windows remote desktop and remote app environments

The central configuration management function lets you implement all the necessary components of the cloud infrastructure quickly and reliably with the support of role and package templates that come with the software. Transparent inheritance of configuration parameters helps you to set up systems consistently from end to end. The central console lets you model, set up and manage all components required for the cloud infrastructure. A wide range of package templates ensures consistent system setup in line with best practices.

Reliable provisioning of cloud infrastructures

A variety of quality-assured package templates for common applications, operating systems, patches, hot fixes and server/client roles ensures consistent system setup in line with best practices. When you have selected the package template that fits your needs, installation of the cloud infrastructure is fully automated, taking into account your specific requirements such as group authorizations, parameterization and licensing. visionapp CloudShaper keeps your infrastructure up to date by rapidly deploying the latest patches or creating your own package templates.

Optimized virtual environments

visionapp CloudShaper extends the functionality of virtualization platforms and supports simple mass deployment of virtual cloud environments. You can also create and manage different master images, for Citrix Provisioning Server for example, and plan their deployment. The system is continuously checked for inconsistencies. Complete logging during the image creation process gives you a transparent view of the overall configuration, including all components and comparability of different image versions.

Flexible and reliable software deployment

Identical, reproducible installation of servers and clients makes sure that operations are stable and without problems, no matter which technology you are using. A high level of automation and parameterization ensures fast, consistent deployment in complex environments.

ITIL-compliant release and system management

Integration of ITIL concepts ensures compliant implementation of release and system management to meet regulatory requirements. On top of that, you can easily reactivate previous configurations and draw up contingency plans for system recovery. All administrative activities are logged and can be evaluated as and when required. This delivers a trail at any time of who has done what and when.

Performance and user satisfaction

In a large geographically distributed infrastructure, visionapp CloudShaper ensures easy, efficient running of your cloud infrastructure through its multi-site functions, role-based authorization and automatic deployment of operating systems, servers and applications.

Supported technologies

Here are some of the technologies supported by visionapp CloudShaper:

  • Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop Controller, XenDesktop Agent, Provisioning Server, Web Interface
  • Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS), RDS Web Access, Application Virtualization Server
  • Virtual environments (VMware vSphere)
  • Microsoft database servers and Web servers
  • Microsoft Windows 7, XP and Vista
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2
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