visionapp CloudRobot supports automated, workfl ow-based provisioning of applications and services in complex cloud environments – with revision guarantee.

visionapp CloudRobot is part of visionapp CloudFactory – software designed to help you set up, provision and manage private, public and hybrid cloud structures easily and quickly either in your own data centre or via an external service provider. visionapp CloudRobot is a module that controls automated, workflowbased provisioning of applications and services in complex cloud environments while complying with technical and commercial regulations and processes.


  • Automated deployment of applications and services from the cloud, including IT and business processes
  • Standardized interfaces to control provisioning
  • Convenient management of software quotas, purchase and subscription licences
  • Extensive configurability of cloud applications and services, including contract management
  • Exact reporting for usage-based billing models
  • Smart self-services for organizations, department managers or customers
  • Easy to use in corporate groups and partner structures due to multiclient support

Web-based management of cloud environments

This intuitive web application lets you manage applications, services and rights in private, public and hybrid cloud environments conveniently without any local installation. All tasks can be run in automated fashion against the connected back-end systems, eliminating manual provisioning steps.

Role-based self-services

Convenient self-services are available, for example to access applications on demand. In addition, you or an external service provider can handle administrative activities such as creating end users. This intuitive web application lets you manage applications, services and rights easily in private, public and hybrid cloud environments All tasks can be run in automated fashion against the connected back-end systems.

Integrated shop functionality

The integrated article designer allows you to manage applications and services at a central point and define charges, product packages and promotional prices. Articles can be grouped as required and linked to certain employee roles. The integrated order and contract management function makes it simpler for you to manage technical and commercial contracts by storing individual factors such as contract terms, periods of notice and transfer posting logic.

Automated provisioning and workflows

visionapp CloudRobot supports rapid provisioning of workplaces with all applications and the associated authorizations. Automation of approval procedures and administrative processes ensures smooth and correct operations. With visionapp CloudRobot you can model processes to set up and integrate new employee workplaces (HR onboarding) or to manage complex IT ordering procedures. Standardized interfaces are available to control provisioning. Other systems – such as HR and ERP solutions, printers and directory services – can be integrated.

Extensive reporting

All business transactions are logged and can be evaluated in detail as and when required. This delivers a complete trail at any time of who has done what and when. visionapp CloudRobot also supports exact reporting for usage-based billing models, which can be tailored to the requirements of an internal department, customer or partner. Key features of visionapp CloudRobot include transparent use and auditing, including for several clients.

Performance and user satisfaction

In a large, geographically distributed infrastructure, role-based self-services provide highly automated IT and operating processes, a high level of scalability and outstanding performance to keep users satisfied.

Supported technologies

Here are some of the technologies supported by visionapp CloudRobot:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Users
    • Groups
    • User roles
  • File system management
  • User management
  • Domain management
  • Printer management
  • Administration of access to Terminal Server / remote desktop applications (Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop)
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010
    • Mailbox
    • Group mailbox
    • Mailing lists
    • Public folders
  • Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 and 2010
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