CloudCockpit offers convenient access to applications, content and services via a universal user interface – from the cloud, dedicated and secure.

CloudCockpit is part of ASG CloudFactory – software designed to help you set up, provision and manage private, public and hybrid cloud structures easily and quickly either in your own data centre or via an external service provider. At the front end, CloudCockpit has a uniform, user-friendly user interface through which all applications, content and services can be accessed. This software gives high security access to corporate data from every type of device.


  • Increased productivity – greater user satisfaction
  • Maximum flexibility – browser-based access from any location and device
  • Standardized work environment – yet personalizable
  • Dedicated access – automatic content adaptation via roles and rights
  • Highest security – integrated challenge-response authentication, precise access control
  • Business continuity – even in the event of a disaster
  • Convenience – free choice of devices (bring your own device)

Universal user interface

Today‘s IT workplace provides a uniform user interface for all applications and services no matter which deployment technology you choose. Among other things, CloudCockpit gives access to:

  • Citrix XenApp applications (published or streamed)
  • Microsoft remote applications, Microsoft Application Virtualization
  • Web applications, local applications and central files
  • Virtual desktops from Citrix, VMware and Microsoft
  • Cloud services such as Microsoft Exchange

CloudCockpit is convenient and intuitive to handle so users find their way around this work environment quickly and easily. This reduces access times and the number of helpdesk calls. You can provide all kinds of applications and services centrally via the user-friendly, readily customizable desktop. Access is browser-based regardless of device – from the cloud, dedicated and secure.

Smart roaming

CloudCockpit supports smart roaming. Current sessions can be parked and linked to another computer when the user is on the move, allowing access to the application to resume immediately. User connections to the central provisioning point are stateless; that is via various interconnected web servers operating with load balancing. This results in smooth, continuous and fail-safe operations.

Safe access from the cloud

With CloudCockpit, data can be accessed from any location and any device with maximum security, even in complex environments:

  • Fast, secure single sign-on
  • Precise access based on integrated challenge-response authentication
  • Endpoint analysis to identify trusted or unsafe devices
  • Dedicated access to applications and services with granular control on the basis of user role, location and device
  • Low-cost, flexible remote access solution

You do not need to install extra software on clients or use hardware tokens. The system is server-based. In addition, CloudCockpit integrates all authentication methods, including RADIUS support.

Standardization and personalization

Standardized IT workplaces are made available in line with your corporate policies, including for various clients with different user profiles.
Via defined access rules, administrators can control:

  • Design and features of the user interface
  • Content, applications and service based on the point in time
  • Adaptations for users

On this basis, end users can set up their own work environment with convenient self-services and decide themselves where the web parts they need should appear and in which size (individually definable content and services such as calendar, clock, Google Maps and so on). Web services like Microsoft Outlook Web Access can be integrated directly. Users can access information immediately without starting the application themselves.

Performance and user satisfaction

In a large, geographically distributed infrastructure, CloudCockpit, with its multilingual user interface, provides smart failover mechanisms and a high level of scalability. Dynamic load balancing ensures outstanding performance and keeps users satisfied.

Supported technologies

Here are some of the technologies supported by CloudCockpit:

  • Virtualization:
    • Citrix XenApp, Citrix Presentation Server, Citrix XenDesktop
    • Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services
    • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Security:
    • Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway and Intelligent Application Gateway
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway
    • Citrix Secure Gateway, Access Gateway, Netscaler VPX
    • RADIUS (e.g. RSA)
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