Four Cloudy Resolutions To Transform Your IT Environment

Feb 20, 2012

With 2012 already two months upon us, it is not too late to make resolutions for this year.

For all of us in the world of IT, this means resolving to abandon bad habits, inefficient processes and inflexible architectures that often get in the way of business priorities.

With the growing viability of cloud computing, let’s all resolve to:

1.       Learn and benefit from successful concepts and actual deployments
2.       Continue to automate our IT environments for maximum efficiency
3.       Take advantage of the very best of “as-a-service”
4.       Orchestrate our clouds to perform in tune to business needs

Cloud Orchestration will be a key success factory in 2012

What´s the good of business applications from the cloud if you can´t combine them as you need or wish to? What´s the use of the coolest “ X-as-a-Service” if they can´t talk to each other?

In the words of Forrester Research ...

"As companies quickly adopt a variety of cloud resources, they’ll increasingly have to address working with several different cloud solutions, often from different providers. By the end of 2012, cloud customers will already be using more than 10 different cloud apps on average. Cloud orchestration will become a big topic and an opportunity for service providers." From "10 Cloud Predictions For 2012", posted by Holger Kisker on December 13, 2011

If you are interested in accelerating the implementation of cloud services while mitigating the potentially related risks, ASG CloudFactory takes care of your Cloud Orchestration and ensures that all your cloud services are in tune – easy, fast and at precisely known cost!


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