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Through a browser-based desktop, visionapp Workspace Management provides standardized access to all common business applications. Here visionapp offers its customers the flexibility to choose between different support options.

Actual Issues

Jul 21, 2011 19:33

iPhone support for VWM

What are the minimum requirements to get an iPhone to work with VWM? We've been able to get iPad's to work without any i...    

Jul 08, 2011 16:20

enable workspace control

Gents, I've been playing around on a customer who wants traditional workspace control. I've been playing around and ca...    

Jun 15, 2011 00:27

LocalApplications webpart enumerating user Start Menu

Hello again vAC Rock Stars! I'm doing a POC for a customer using the LocalApplications webpart. I've gotten the paramet...    

support Forum

Please use our visionapp Support Forum to forward your request directly to us. Here you will get immediate and comprehensive response.


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