Managed Private and Hybrid Clouds for SI

System Integrators are assisting their Enterprise customers with infrastructure improvement, virtualization and the consolidation of datacenters, applications and data, with the aim of achieving lower-cost, higher-performance IT.

While ASG is transforming the IT environments of Enterprise customers `on-premise’ (built, run and managed locally at the customer´s own datacenter), Systems Integrators are the preferred partner when Enterprises plan to partially or fully outsource their IT.

ASG CloudFactory is the perfect solution for Systems Integrators to efficiently build, operate and manage dedicated, outsourced IT environments for their Enterprise customers.

With ASG CloudFactory Systems Integrators profit from:

  • Deployments of Managed Private Clouds
  • Consolidation, optimization and standardization of server farms
  • Optimization of IT operations and processes
  • Improved capacity utilization of data centers
  • Vastly simplified implementations
  • Far shorter project process cycles

Summary: Our System Integrator partners use CloudFactory to build and operate “Managed Private and Hybrid Cloud Environments” for their Enterprise customers, hosted at the SI`s datacenters.



ASG’s CloudFactory:

  • Provides comprehensive cloud orchestration for private, public and hybrid cloud environments
  • Provisions multi-vendor environments
  • Automates the most application delivery types - eliminating vendor lock-in
  • Offers intuitive, “Amazon-like” user interface
  • Is accessible from any device
  • Measures and manages cloud elasticity through true automation

Case Study: In our case study of IKB Data you can read how ASG supported this vertical Systems Integrator optimizing its data centers, server operations and service delivery model for best in class customer satisfaction at reduced operations cost. You can find the IKB case study here

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