Cloud Transformation in Telecommunications

Very good examples for Service Providers are telecommunications provider. As a telecommunications provider you understand that your customer’s expectations have expanded to match a rapidly changing business environment. You constantly face the challenge of maintaining and increasing your customer base in a highly competitive and evolving market that now must accommodate global resources - on myriad mobile devices sharing large amounts of data.

So, how do you increase your competitive advantage and unlock new revenue from your customers?

You can achieve all this by expanding your portfolio with your own Cloud. By providing your customers with a flexible, easily-accessible cloud environment to operate their business and benefit from the latest IT technologies, you add to the value that keeps you ahead of your competition.

Intuitive User-Interfaces for best ease-of-use and efficiency


Business benefits for your customer with a Cloud model:

  • Focus on core business, not IT
  • Increase productivity with professional software solutions
  • Instant availability and web-based application access
  • Usage based cost, no upfront investments
  • No installations, easy administration and less maintenance
  • Intuitive, amazon-like self services lead to lower operating costs
  • Secure IT services, quickly adjusted to meet dynamically changing needs

How can ASG support you expanding your business with a Cloud model?

With „ASG CloudFactory for Public Clouds“ we offer exactly what you need to jump-start your cloud business. We provide the fastest, most proven, and standardized Cloud solution to build and manage your public Cloud offering, which includes your existing services as well as new services, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). However, ASG CloudFactory is already your foundation for the next big step for telecommunications and other service providers: service marketplaces!

Marketplaces are combining services, which are hosted at your data centers with services from other public Cloud service providers such as Microsoft Office 365, or Google Apps. This is what IT calls “Hybrid Cloud Computing.” With ASG CloudFactory, you will be all set.


With “ASG CloudFactory for Public Clouds” Telcos and other Service Provider can lead their customers into the cloud – quickly, profitably, and risk-free.

Case Study: If you are interested in reading about how CloudFactory expanded the business model of Deutsche Telekom, the world´s third largest telecommunications service provider, you can download the Telekom case study here.

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ASG´s CloudFactory:

  • Provides comprehensive cloud orchestration for private, public and hybrid cloud environments
  • Provisions multi-vendor environments
  • Automates the most application delivery types - eliminating vendor lock-in
  • Offers intuitive, “Amazon-like” user interface
  • Is accessible from any device
  • Measures and manages cloud elasticity through true automation

Find more information on ASG CloudFactory here.